Foam Mattress

A foam mattress makes use of polyurethane elastomeric foam, polyuviscoelastic memory foam or shape-conforming latex rubber or combinations to offer users better support than spring mattresses. Foam mattresses provide different qualities and feels. Mattresses made of urethane or memory foam are typically hypoallergenic.

Compared to their spring-based counterparts, foam mattresses are quite expensive. The cost of foam mattresses can vary widely based on foam quality and materials. Foam mattresses are available in a wide range of firmnesses and thicknesses so you may want to do some shopping around until you find the right softness or hardness you need.

Foam mattresses are not for everyone. People who live in a particularly warm or hot climate may find foam mattresses to be a poor choice for them. However, if you suffer from chronic neck pain or back pain, then a foam mattress is definitely your best bet. People who require pressure relief should also consider purchasing a foam mattress as these mattresses are well-known for their therapeutic effects. If you suffer from sleeping maladies such as snoring, you will find that a quality foam mattress can cure or alleviate your symptoms. Investing in a foam mattress may be the best way to get better sleep.