Futon Beds

Even if beds are generally the most comfortable place to get a good night sleep, sometimes we have to use something else and one of the most popular solutions is represented by futon beds. Of course futon beds represent a compromise, one that comes with both advantages and disadvantages over which we are going to have a look in the next paragraphs.

Futon beds represent the perfect sleeping solution for places with limited space. You cannot always fit a bed in a room and also have space for other things and in this case the best thing you can do is to look for a futon bed. And besides the fact that they are saving a lot of space, futon beds can also be used as a sofa whenever the bed is not needed. And of course we should not leave aside the fact that a futon bed is a in most cases considerably cheaper than a bed.

On the other hand futon beds are not very comfortable. First of all because the mattresses they use will never be as good as the ones you can have on a regular bed and second because you will always have to convert it from bed to sofa and vice versa. In addition to this, futon beds are not very resistant because of all the converting.

In conclusion, futon beds are a great solution for small living spaces and for having a guest every now and then, but they really cannot compete with regular beds in terms of comfort and value.