Memory Foam

First designed for NASA astronauts, memory foam would later on be created for consumers throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. Memory foam mattresses are now known to improve comfort and provide consumers with a good night's sleep. Memory foam mattresses are typically denser than other foam mattresses. This feature makes them heavier but more supportive at the same time. Visco foam mattresses are not for everyone. If you've decided to purchase a memory foam mattress, make sure you obtain a warranty as you may not always like the results.

A memory foam mattress can reduce the amount of pressure points by providing support for your entire body. Temperature sensitivity is definitely the key feature of a memory foam mattress. The viscoelastic small cell foam in this mattresses responds to body heat. Make sure that the foam used is genuine and that your body is compatible with it. It's best to buy your mattress from a company that offers a full-money-back guarantee if the memory foam mattress is not improving your sleep.